WEBINAR - IoT connectivity: Wi-Fi vs. Bluetooth vs. everything else

Led by: Yogita Kanesin, Senior Analyst and Lee Ratliff, Senior Principal Analyst, Connectivity & IoT

Led by: Yogita Kanesin, Senior Analyst, IoT Connectivity and Lee Ratliff, Senior Principal Analyst, IoT Connectivity


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are native connectivity technologies for mobile devices, are now the connectivity of choice in many IoT applications. In this webinar, we discuss how Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are leveraged as the connectivity standard in IoT applications, as well as the transformation of these technologies to better compete among other IoT connectivity standards. You will gain an understanding of available IoT connectivity technologies, IoT applications that use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and solutions developed by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chipset vendors to remain competitive in the IoT market.


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