WEBINAR - HCI makes edge computing simple and secure

Led by: Vladimir Galabov, Senior Analyst, Data Center Compute
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Led by: Vladimir Galabov, Senior Analyst, Data Center Compute

Presented by Omdia, Nutanix and NVIDIA



The need for enterprises to improve business processes, save costs, and keep their employees safe has never been greater. At the same time, the nature of devices and applications is changing – data collection and real-time processing are becoming increasingly important in helping enterprises to gain a competitive advantage and to develop new products. As a result, latency and bandwidth are becoming key performance determinants, driving the need for more computing power to be placed closer to end users and machines. This poses unique security and management challenges that enterprises will need to solve.

This webinar explores the growing need for computing and storage at the edge and how hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) can alleviate configuration, deployment, and management complexities. We’ll discuss best practices for network provisioning, monitoring, and security at the edge, as well as new techniques for maximizing efficiency by offloading security and networking tasks to the Ethernet adapter. Attendees will leave the webinar with an understanding of hardware and software options for their edge workloads and insight into successful use cases they can duplicate.

Who Should Attend

Enterprises, CTOs, CIOs, IT equipment managers and administrators, and network engineers. Financial analysts and the media are likewise encouraged to attend

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