WEBINAR - Automating networks with intent, AI, and machine learning

Led by: Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Executive Director , Research & Analysis
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Led by: Cliff Grossner, PhD, Senior Research Director & Advisor, Cloud & Data Center Research Practice

Presented by Omdia, Frinx and Fujitsu



Automation is essential to enable very large-scale and agile networks that can be dynamically reconfigured to meet the ever-changing workload demands stemming from the IoT, autonomous vehicles, and enhanced edge applications providing immersive experiences. Unfortunately, today’s networks often rely on manual programming, which is based on primitive instructions that shed little light on the design, the network architect’s intent in choosing a particular design, and key knowledge needed for network automation. In contrast, the new model of intent-driven networking requires the network architect to describe what is needed, with network management software translating those requirements into a design. As changes are needed, orchestration platforms, possibly using AI & ML technology, can automatically use the originally declared requirements to derive a new design or to validate changes to an existing design. Join this webinar to learn about the techniques and architectures behind intent-driven networks as well as use cases for their deployment.

Who Should Attend

Network service providers, Telco, carriers, Cable/MSO operators, metro Ethernet operators, ISPs, mobile operators, technical decision makers and influencers in network planning, operations, design and architecture. Financial analysts and the media are also encouraged to attend.

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