WEBINAR - Data protection in the multi-cloud: enabling secure, easier, and more affordable solutions

October 27, 2020 | Led by: Dennis Hahn, Senior Analyst, Data Center Storage

Led by: Dennis Hahn, Senior Analyst, Cloud & Data Center


The effort and complexity involved to protect against data loss and disasters can be costly, labor intensive, and error prone. For many organizations, this effort and complexity leads to neglect, which for some has led to data protection disaster. Transforming the traditional backup process from on-premises replication to cloud-based data replicas across the multi-cloud is now a viable option. As hybrid and multi-cloud data storage approaches have matured, it is now possible to deliver the features that enterprises need for secure, easier, and more affordable options. This webinar will discuss multi-cloud integrated data replication services for data protection that enable organizations to realize the benefits of fully automated data sync copies, secure geographical redundancy, flexibility as capacity needs change over time, and a cost-effective secondary site to recover operations in case of a disaster.


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