WEBINAR - Innovative storage technologies for AI and ML data pipelines

Led by: Dennis Hahn, Senior Analyst, Data Center Storage

Led by: Dennis Hahn, Senior Analyst, Cloud & Data Center


We are now entering the data economy era in which businesses are using data they collect about their operations, products, and services to transform their companies by feeding it through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and analytics pipelines to garner new insights and make better decisions. These new data pipelines place non-traditional and sometimes opposing requirements on storage systems—requiring both the storing of data at affordable scale to ingest massive amounts of information for model definition and the feeding of data at very high-performance to data-hungry analysis machines for training.

This webinar reviews the steps commonly found in a data-driven pipeline and illustrates the role that storage systems and new storage technologies play in enabling an efficient ML and AI pipeline from data ingest through model training, using a mix of object and all-flash storage systems.


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