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Do you need to know the size of a market? Your position within a market? What complementary markets exist or are emerging? Which organizations you should partner with or acquire? What new technologies are on the horizon? The cost-side dynamics? IHS Markit can answer these questions and more, helping you gain a better understanding of the trends and issues that are impacting your industry for more informed decision-making.

Uniquely positioned to solve your custom research needs

We provide an unmatched combination of information, insight and expertise, transforming knowledge into data and customizing a solution to meet your greatest strategic and operational challenges.

  Reduce risk
  Streamline business planning
  Accelerate informed decisions
  Lower operating expenses

How we can assist you

Project-based engagements

We’re here to help you achieve great things and a lasting impact on your long-term performance. To this end, we offer the following custom research and consulting services:

Created for clients who need reliable intelligence on new market opportunities and a partner to help launch new products or services. Covers:

  • Country-specific market analysis
  • Competitive landscape
  • Barriers to entry and risk assessment
  • Distribution and sales channel analysis

Designed for clients who need specific market data or additional segmentation to support strategy and decision-making. Encompasses:

  • Country-specific market analysis
  • Competitive landscape
  • Barriers to entry and risk assessment
  • Distribution and sales channel analysis

Aimed at clients who are looking to improve efficiencies, optimize performance and gain competitive intelligence. Includes:

  • Strategic procurement advisory services
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Margin stack analysis
  • Technology radar

Formulated for clients who are looking to understand their customers’ critical success factors across different geographic markets and end-user industries. Comprises:

  • Consumer surveys
  • Direct customer and partner surveys
  • Industry expert analysis

Designed to give clients a broader picture of the financial landscape to aid in planning and cost modeling. Covers:

  • Economic impact analysis
  • Merger and acquisition research and insights
  • Commercial due diligence

Continuing engagements

Need help beyond our standard consulting offerings? We also offer engagement services on an ongoing basis.

Created for companies that have wide-ranging and diverse business initiatives or operational issues, this program provides your company with an IHS Markit intelligence concierge who utilizes our broad portfolio of analysts and research to coordinate real-time support, analyst engagement or custom data cuts to address your specific requirements.

Strategic support services are available to assess adjacent markets relevant to your core business, evaluate new strategic focus areas, answer customized research needs and more.

Designed to support one to two of your key initiatives, this program offers a deep and enduring relationship between your senior strategy executive (or small strategy team) and a dedicated IHS Markit senior analyst advisor.

Whether it’s M&A, R&D, geographic expansion or industry disruption, our executive advisors can serve as a sounding board for your strategic thinking and provide active recommendations. These senior analysts have their fingers on the pulse of your industry—and access to a huge portfolio of data and insights—and can convey what’s happening, why it’s happening and what it means for your business in detailed fashion.

Executive advisory services can be delivered on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.


Going beyond "what it means" to help find "what we should do"

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