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Artificial intelligence and analytics are poised to revolutionize video surveillance by improving detection accuracy and by radically expediting processing and analysis of growing video footage volumes. This service helps you understand the competitive landscape and detect opportunities through complete coverage of global market trends and technologies—such as facial, behavior, vehicle and object recognition—shaping the video analytics market.

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With the AI & Analytics in Video Surveillance Intelligence Service, you receive access to:

  • The Video Analytics Market Database, which includes market share tables for key world regions and the five-year market forecast, segmented by 4 product types (e.g., edge software), 4 analytic types (e.g., deep learning), 5 algorithm types (e.g., video-based search) and 17 verticals.
  • Market briefs and reports, which provide analysis of the core databases, trends and reactive events in the wider physical security industry. Included are dedicated insights on the ANPR market, the use of semis for AI processing and facial recognition for access control.
  • Our company profiles and Security AI Funding & M&A Database allows you to keep pace with the competitive landscape. Find 100+ in-depth profiles of leading video surveillance analytics companies, analysis of the M&A environment and venture capital funding of analytics companies. In addition, direct access to analyst market briefs, reports, insight and assistance ensure you keep pace with the latest video surveillance industry news and developments.

Key coverage:

  • Video analytics software
  • Intelligent video surveillance devices
  • ANPR and detection sensors
  • Security AI M&A, funding

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