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The source for comprehensive processor market coverage. Clients receive detailed market trackers and reports on microcontrollers, microprocessors, and application-specific processors, as well as technology-specific analysis on processors in network infrastructure, graphics, and artificial intelligence. This service delivers actionable data you need for the rapidly evolving processor market.

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  • Semi-annual trackers and annual reports providing data rich tables and pivots on processor classes in terms of revenue, units and ASP presented by total vertical market and key application market penetration.
  • Trends analysis, market shares, regional splits with additional features specific to the scope of the tracker or report.
  • A total of 10 (8 total tracker editions and 2 feature reports) publications scheduled, with new topical reports will be phased into the featured report rotation.
  • Market expert qualitative commentary associated with each database deliverable including periodic insights on news-worthy events in the processor market.
  • More than off-the-shelf reports; clients will have access to the authors and team of processor analysts. They can use this time to get answers to questions, discuss deeper dives into the data, highlight trends key to their business strategies, or review the competitive landscape.

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