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IHS Markit smartphone research is different. We deliver comprehensive smartphone data, down to specific models and component categories, providing you with the detailed insight and data you need on the rapidly evolving global smartphone industry.

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A subset of the premium service, the standard Smartphone Intelligence Service offers quarterly research on the smartphone industry.   Deliverables in the standard service include:

Smartphone Model Market Tracker – Includes detailed worldwide shipment forecasts and historical data by OEM, model, key components and pricing tier. A short- term shipment forecast by OEM is also included.

Handset Database - Country– Shipments are tracked by OEM and country. 70 individual countries in 7 regions are covered. A Long-term shipment forecast by country and region is included. Also handset subscription, installed base and smartphone penetration data by country

Handset Specification Database – Provides details on over 15,000 handset specifications, updated quarterly.

Our unique research methodology, depth and breadth of research make us different:

By-model analysis as standard: Detailed worldwide shipment data  on individual smartphone models and features, as well as OEM brands and operating systems.

Strong mobile foundations: Research draws on the expertise of numerous other IHS Markit analyst teams to provide a comprehensive view of the smartphone market, including: displays, semiconductors, mems and sensors, health, mobile media, and games.



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