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Get comprehensive intelligence analysis and insight for the global television and online video markets worldwide. This service features constantly updated detailed company and country-level data analysis on free, pay and online television markets, with detailed coverage of 81 countries worldwide.

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Access detailed global data and forecasts for subscriptions, revenues and ARPU for all the key players operating through traditional and online platforms. TV data is compiled and presented company-by-company, platform-by-platform, with granular information on both pay TV operators and TV markets. Online video data is compiled and presented at company level for advertising and subscription data, and at market level for transactional data.

The TV and Online Video – Premium Intelligence Service is constantly updated and provides detailed company analysis with detailed coverage of 81 countries worldwide.

Key coverage:

  • Key metrics for video distribution across TV and online video platforms for 81 individual countries and eight regional totals
  • Data visualization tool providing a flexible visual overview of TV and online metrics in a single view
  • Constantly updated and comprehensive market data and forecasts

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