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Gain a competitive advantage with critical insight into changing prime movers markets. This research package consists of multiple related databases that offer unparalleled coverage of existing and emerging gas, steam, and hydro turbine technologies, product types and geographic regions, along with market sizing, market shares and forecasts.

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The Prime Movers Research Package is an authoritative resource that provides access to comprehensive market statistics by product type, country, major region, sales channel and industry sector. It contains global and regional forecasts for revenues, units and ASPs into 2020.

The research package is split into five databases:

  • Gas engines
  • Gas turbines
  • Hydro turbines
  • Steam turbines
  • Turboexpanders

Each database includes a stand-alone PDF and Excel file. The Excel pivot tool and accompanying tables and figures offer ultimate flexibility when using the data. It makes the information succinct and easily accessible. Our databases are available for individual or joint purchase.

The databases are catalogs of datasets within a specified coverage area. They focus on products that are closely related, and they are designed to provide cross analyses with similar scopes and delivery. The PDF that accompanies the database highlights key trends affecting the market for each respective database. Additionally, the text provides greater insight into notable regional and technical segmentation developments.

Key coverage:

  • Comprehensive market statics by major region/country
  • Competitive world and regional market shares
  • In-depth analysis of various prime mover types/technologies
  • High number of technical segmentations for each prime mover type
  • Insight on the impact of product developments, legislation and economic climate

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