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Outpace the competition with timely intelligence on today’s online content and broadband access sectors. This service combines our proprietary market trackers and broadband media reports to deliver global data on broadband access, ISP uptake, and key VOD and online music segment data, in addition to granular data on key players in this space.

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Find detailed, constantly updated company and market information on the broadband access and online entertainment industries in 50 markets worldwide.

With the Broadband Media Intelligence Service, you receive our proprietary market trackers, broadband media geography and subject reports. Together, these provide a powerful combination of global data on broadband access, ISP uptake, key financial and adoption metrics on VOD and online music segments, as well as granular data on the major players in the space. In addition, you receive direct access to analyst reports, insight and assistance to help you keep pace with the latest market news and developments.

Key coverage:

  • Global market environment and growth of online entertainment
  • Market dynamics of online movies, online TV and digital music
  • Global and regional growth in broadband access and ISP subscribers
  • Customized market analysis

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