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Wayne Lam | May 07, 2020
Within the realm of smartphone electronics design, the emergence of 5G RF front-end complications are presenting a new set of challenges. The demands for multiple 5G frequencies, TDD and FDD flavors and even multiple millimeter wave antenna modules within the finite space of the humble smartphone form-factor has pushed the industry to look for a solution to tame that complexity.
Wayne Lam | April 28, 2020
Teardown analysis of 2nd generation 5G modem and RF design highlights the importance to modem to antenna integration


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  • Is the industry ready? Are you ready?
    Josh Builta | October 04, 2019
    This new report from IHS Markit provides an overview of 5G, looks at the 5G roadmap, explores the potential impact of 5G on the value chain, examines 5G use cases and assess 5G as a competitive play for operators, governments, and other enterprises.
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  • Luca De Ambroggi | September 12, 2019
    The new AI Technology Adoption and Impact report tracks the development, impact, and disruption caused by AI technologies across industries.
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  • Icon Research Vice President, Enterprise
    As head of the Enterprise research sector, Bill Morelli manages core strategy, personnel, analysis, and commercial planning for the practice, whose focus areas include artificial intelligence, cloud and data centers, cybersecurity, enterprise IT, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Icon Senior Research Director, Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Luca is leading the research and analysis for Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions within the Transformative Technology team at IHS Markit. Under his guidance, his team offers insights, data and strategical assistance to companies, in their effort to develop individual growth strategies, market-entry plans and competitive analysis in the disruptive world of artificial intelligence.
  • Icon Senior Research Director, Internet of Things
    Matt Short is the research and analysis lead for Internet of Things (IOT) solutions within the Transformative Technology team. As a lead, his role is to offer insights, data and strategic assistance to companies in their efforts to develop individual growth strategies, market-entry plans and competitive analysis in the disruptive world of IOT across different industries and levels in the supply chain.
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