WEBINAR - AutoML: Testing the Limits of Sensible Automation

November 4, 2020 | Led by: Bradley Shimmin, Distinguished Analyst

Led by: Bradley Shimmin, Distinguished Analyst


The notion of automating artificial intelligence (AI) has been with us since the early nineties when predictive analytics vendors sought to equip business users with math-free, self-service data modeling tools. Since then, it has grown considerably in scope with vendors seeking to automate everything, from preparation of basic data to fine-tuning of complex neural networks – all using AI to automate AI outcomes.

Today, automated machine learning (AutoML)—a specific AI automation application—has found a particularly welcome home with enterprise customers who seek to maximize AI without having to invest heavily in a team of data science experts. For these users, AutoML promises to bring AI down from its ivory tower and to put it into the hands of business experts, speeding time to market for transformative, mission-critical AI outcomes, such as fraud detection and predictive maintenance.

Enterprise IT buyers will find in this webinar actionable advice on how to most effectively use AutoML to streamline and enhance the development of AI-driven business outcomes.


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