WEBINAR - Simplifying the enterprise multi-cloud journey

September 29, 2020 | Led by: Alan Howard, Senior Analyst, Cloud and Data Center

Led by: Alan Howard, Senior Analyst, Cloud and Data Center


Enterprise IT executives are embracing the use of multiple cloud providers to enhance application service delivery. As more cloud services are added from different providers, the complexity of delivering services to clients reliably and economically becomes a greater challenge, posing a risk of service degradation, resulting in unhappy clients. Internal corporate networks and on-premises data center infrastructure can be upgraded to meet these needs, but is costly, time consuming, and requires staff resources. Alternatively, an appropriate colocation data center can be more economical and reliable solution as these data centers have been designed specifically to address connectivity and reliability. Beyond the robust network and cloud connectivity, a colocation data center can provide access to software defined networking services, lower latency access to edge locations, on-site high-availability space for local compute and data storage to support multi-cloud, data center managed services, regulatory compliance support, and premium physical security to protect enterprise IT equipment. This webinar will explore how colocation data centers are designed to mitigate the risk of “going it alone”, and provide more reliable network and multi-cloud connectivity and lower latency access to edge locations.


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