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Semiconductor demand is highly reliant on global economic factors. But traditional demand drivers are declining, while propellers for next-generation demand remain many years away from positively impacting chip manufacturing. Yet innovations in every technology sector are setting the stage for even more change to come.

Gain access to detailed information on the making of semiconductors by both pure-play foundries and IDMs with our semiconductor manufacturing market research. This service tracks changes in semiconductor equipment and chip technology, while offering important perspectives on strategies and trends to empower companies in key manufacturing resource-planning decisions.

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  • Chris Welch | May 15, 2020
    Understand the market demand for silicon and its impact on manufacturing capacity. This tool provides a long-term view of silicon demand by technology and by wafer size for more than 180 applications within six key semiconductor market segments.
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  • Len Jelinek | May 08, 2020
    Differentiate your organization from the competition using unmatched market intelligence. This tracker provides information quarterly on the strategies and partnerships of key third-party manufacturers. It includes a detailed five-year revenue, capacity and wafer shipment forecast for pure-play foundry markets worldwide.
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  • Chris Welch | March 03, 2020
    Understand Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) strategies and partnerships in the pursuit of technological development and market opportunities. This tracker provides an executive summary, a detailed examination of silicon supply and demand, and a methodical analysis of key market manufacturing segments, including: memory, microcomponent, logic, discrete, analog, sensors, actuators and optical components.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Semiconductor Manufacturing
    Chris works as a principal analyst within the semiconductor research group at IHS Markit. Chris conducts research and analysis on the global semiconductor manufacturing industry focusing on feature size migrations and wafer capacity for IDM (Independent Device Manufacturers). Additionally, he monitors and reports on raw silicon manufacturers and global supply trends and threats.
  • Icon Research Vice President, Components & Devices; Technology Fellow
    As head of all Components & Devices research, Len Jelinek manages core strategy, personnel, analysis, and commercial planning for the research practice.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Semiconductor Manufacturing
    Ron Ellwanger has focused his research within the global semiconductor industry. This entails researching all major fabless, pure play foundry, and IDM semiconductor companies. The research is utilized in numerous Omdia quarterly semiconductor manufacturing publications.
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