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With the semiconductor market highly dependent on consumer purchases, a contracting global economy resulted in negative growth for semiconductor sales the past several years, despite strong IC revenue growth from industrial electronics and automotive applications.

Gain insight into all aspects of semiconductor technology with our extensive research categorized by application market, geographical region and semiconductor device for key verticals. Coverage includes MEMS, memory, LED, power management and more.

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  • Wayne Lam | March 21, 2020
    First generation design of any new “G” smartphone is, for all intent and purposes, a study in design compromises. To get product to market on time, non-ideal designs are used in order to balance performance and timeliness of product launch.
  • Alina Sargiss | March 18, 2020
    Last week at Broadcom’s FY 1st quarter earnings announcement that the company will retain its wireless assets. Further, Broadcom revealed that they are under NDA and have signed a three-year supply agreement with their largest smartphone customer (presumably Apple). The agreement provides “technology and road map alignment in essential RF components” with a focus on 5G phones.
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  • Wayne Lam | March 13, 2020
    So much of what is talked about surrounding 5G connectivity has been focused on the download side of the network. While it is true that there are ever-evolving improvements to pump data from the cell tower to the devices faster such as carrier aggregation, higher order modulation and 4x4 MIMO, little attention has been paid to improving the uplink channel [from device to network]. Within the 3GPP Release 15 [which marked the official launch of 5G New Radio (NR)], a key design requirement of the new wireless standard calls for the implementation of MIMO on both network and devices. For example, 5G smartphones using the globally common TDD band N78 (3.5GHz), will be required to have 4x4 MIMO connectivity and fast antenna switches to perform SRS (Sounding Reference Signal) built within the 5G RFFE . The reliance of wider bandwidths of higher frequencies in 5G NR has forced the design decision to implement download enhancements [as RF propogation becomes more challenged as radio wavelengths decrease]. This inherent physical limitation of path loss dictates the use of massive MIMO antennas on the network infrastructure side as well as 4x4 MIMO on the device. In this article, we will discuss how this new 5G RFFE design challenge means for the RF components ecosystem; specifically, the additional use of PAMiFs (power amplifier module with integrated filters).
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Access the most thorough source of packaged LEDs market intelligence across the value chain. This service features our proprietary market tracker, which provides historical and forecast data for LED revenues, unit shipments and ASPs by product type and application across all major world regions, as well as major manufacturer market shares.
Navigate the world’s power semiconductor sector with leading market analysis. This service features the industry’s leading annual market share report and competitive analysis of 80+ suppliers, along with two trackers that detail the market for power ICs and for power discretes and modules.
The source for comprehensive processor market coverage. Clients receive detailed market trackers and reports on microcontrollers, microprocessors, and application-specific processors, as well as technology-specific analysis on processors in network infrastructure, graphics, and artificial intelligence. This service delivers actionable data you need for the rapidly evolving processor market.


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  • Noman Akhtar | March 18, 2020
    This case study provides in-depth quantitative analysis of digital signage including semiconductor units, revenues, and ASP forecasts, accompanied by a written analysis on typical semiconductor bill of materials (BOM) and trends affecting the semiconductor content and market.
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  • Kelson Astley | January 06, 2020
    This database and report describe the MPU markets divided by application, lithography, core architecture, as well as many other categories to give you a deeper understanding of the market. As Moore’s Law approaches physical limitations, this report will be key to explore how these processors are becoming more application-specific.
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  • Christopher Morris | January 02, 2020
    Processors make up over one third of the semiconductor market and have a vast range of product types, applications, and designs.
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  • April 03, 2020
    This quarterly tracker is part of the LED Intelligence Service, which also contains an annual report with more detailed Packaged LED demand data, and market briefs covering hot topics.
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  • April 02, 2020
    This report provides a detailed analysis for China’s MCU market based on key vendors, vendors share in main applications in the past year, and forecast revenues for different main applications in the next five years. Furthermore, IHS will analyze the Chinese MCU market by looking into the dynamics of the major sub-market with forecast revenues for MCUs.
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  • Tom Hackenberg | April 02, 2020
    Examination of graphics processing and embedded video analytics including GPUs, GPGPUs, and embedded graphics cores as solutions. In addition to competitive analyses and supplier shares for each market, this service also offers investigative reporting on major trends and high-growth industry sectors.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Power Semiconductors
    Richard Eden is a principal analyst with Omdia's, media and telecom group, where he looks after the power semiconductors area. His current report focus includes power semiconductor discretes and modules, SiC and GaN power semiconductors, as well as contributing to the Power Management Competitive Landscaping Tool and Power Management Market Tracker, all within the Power Semiconductor Intelligence Service.
  • Icon Principal Analyst, Embedded Processors
    Tom Hackenberg is the principal analyst for embedded processor markets at IHS Markit. His broad scope of processor coverage includes microcontrollers (MCU), microprocessors (MPU), signal processors (DSP) and logic component markets.
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