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In the mature but dynamic power supply industry, emerging technologies such as LED and 5G, regulatory changes and green energy initiatives play an ever more considerable role. As well, the last several years have brought major changes in the landscape for wireless charging, with adoption increasing significantly as more consumers experience wireless charging for the first time and as the technology is implemented in new applications.

Stay up to date on power adapters, batteries, wireless power and charging and power supplies with our critical insights and in-depth analysis on the power market.

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Identify key industry segments and suppliers in global power supply markets. This services delivers an annual report and continuous insights on UPS hardware, service and support, including five-year annual forecasts.
Gain a competitive edge in the world’s competitive UPS hardware and service markets. This service offers comprehensive tracking of the UPS hardware and service markets. Factors, including geography, power rating, vertical market, sales channel and service type, help clients better understand the competitive landscape and identify growth opportunities. Topical analysis on developing trends and technologies affords answers to both common and unique questions.


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  • Kevin Anderson | April 06, 2020
    This report is a summary of those calls and reviews and provides our clients with a taste of what the industry was prepared to showcase during the show.
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  • Edition Year: 2019-2020
    Dinesh Kithany | October 21, 2019
    Examination of the global AC-DC and DC-DC merchant power supply market, quantifying the merchant market for AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies by application, power rating and package type. Detailed analysis of all external AC-DC power adapters and chargers that are used to power or charge end equipment.
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  • Kevin Anderson | April 02, 2019
    Last year’s APEC was a coming-out party for wide band gap devices (power SiC and GaN). This year, the wide band gap focus was on end-customer products that incorporate the devices, along with substantive reliability data, that is now available.
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  • Dinesh Kithany | March 30, 2020
    Find quarterly data for the fast-growing wireless power market. The Wireless Power Tracker provides you with the full view of all different market applications within a single database, including consumer, medical, industrial, automotive and public deployments.
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  • Wireless Charging Highlights
    David Green | February 29, 2016
    This presentation gives the wireless charging highlights from Mobile World Congress 2016, held in Barcelona from 22-25 February. This year’s show definitely represented a shift in phase for the wireless charging market.
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  • David Green | January 05, 2016
    Much has already been written about wireless charging for 2015 - huge growth, high-profile product launches and a move from industry push to consumer pull to name a few. But now at the start of 2016, IHS has set its sights on the next 12 months and has highlighted five key trends.
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  • Icon Research and Analysis Manager, Smart Utilities Infrastructure
    David Green is a research and analysis manager for the Smart Utilities Infrastructure team at Omdia.
  • Icon Research Director-Consulting & Financial Services, Technology Media & Telecom
    William Kidd is a Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT) research director at IHS Markit.

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