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Physical video is the majority source of global home entertainment spending, even if it is a sector facing challenges as digital delivery vehicles expand in popularity. Nonetheless, a clear-sighted understanding of the space via both consumer- and trade-level data remains essential in situating physical video’s true context within the larger global media market.

Get the most incisive take on the subject with our extensive coverage of the physical discs and hardware market, applicable to both music and video.

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  • Stelios Kotakis | April 07, 2020
    After the COVID-19 outbreak, many countries have started imposing restrictions on peoples’ movement to contain the pandemic. Inevitably people are consuming more internet-delivered content. On the 16th of March, for instance, Akamai stated that it saw a 50% increase in traffic relative to an average day while Akamai’s peak traffic burden during Q1 2020 was twice as large as last year’s peak burden. Verizon noted a 20% increase in total web traffic while Limelight Networks and CenturyLink, among other CDNs Omdia have spoken with, are experiencing increased online traffic demands of similar magnitude.
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  • Jun Wen Woo | April 03, 2020
    Online streaming service HOOQ which is jointly owned by Singapore telecoms operator Singtel, Sony Pictures Television and Warner Bros has filed for liquidation in Singapore due to failure to grow revenues and cover its increasing operating costs. Launched in 2015, HOOQ operated in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.
  • Maria Rua Aguete | March 27, 2020
    In this Future Vision presentation, Maria Rua Aguete, executive director - media, service providers and platforms, Omdia, talks about the importance of strong relationships between streaming video service providers and the telcos.
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Subscription Services

The entertainment market is undergoing a period of unparalleled change. While consumption of content continues to grow, access is fragmenting. Understand and forecast how much consumers spend across different entertainment media, platforms and business models.
A comprehensive view of the US Media market with availability and pricing data at a zip code level. The service includes a detailed look at the online video market as well as consumer preferences for devices and media consumption.
Gain insight into the markets for front-end, user-experience, and monetization technologies. This service allows vendors, media companies and investors to understand buyer needs, track capital flows in the market, perform basic due diligence and understand where value-creation is taking place across front-end and UX-related technologies.


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  • Tracker of cinemas’ activity as a result of COVID-19
    Pablo Carrera | April 06, 2020
    The Tracker of cinema’s activity impacted by Covid-19 offers the most up-to-date information on the closure and re-openings of cinema screens in 75 markets worldwide as a result of measures taken by governments and exhibitors to contain the spread of the Covid-19.
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  • Icon Tim Westcott | April 06, 2020
    The Media & Technology Digest provides a monthly analysis of the key trends and innovations shaping the global technology landscape. Written by our senior analysts the digest includes a detailed focus on key industry hot topics, analysis of all major industry and product announcements with in-depth examinations of significant industry trends.
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  • Market Analysis and Audience Insight
    Constantinos Papavassilopoulos, Kia Ling Teoh, Jun Wen Woo, Fateha Begum | April 02, 2020
    This report provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the online video market (ad-funded and subscription) of India. In addition to providing an extensive range of granular data, the report also offers insight on: a) the factors facilitating growth of the online video market, b) key players and market share, c) content offerings, strategies and investment, d) the adoption and usage of connected devices.
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  • Erik Brannon | April 06, 2020
    This database provides TV/broadband/cable voice service availability and demographics, technical reach and broadband speed. Developing components: channel packages, service pricing, modeled subscribers
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  • Irina Kornilova | February 27, 2020 Subscribers Only
  • Erik Brannon | December 20, 2019
    Consolidated tool charting US subscriber and revenue data for advertising, broadband, TV channels, cinema, mobile, online video, telephony and TV; cable network and channel revenue and reach (including affiliate and carriage data); programming spend and trends by group and content type; video advertising; home entertainment (physical and digital transactional) and online video (AVOD, D2C and SVOD) as well as the broader US connected devices landscape and installed base.
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  • Icon Senior Research Analyst, Channels & Programming
    Aled Evans is a senior research analyst who covers television, sVOD channels, and programming across international markets.
  • Icon Senior Research Analyst, Service Providers & Platforms
    Mr. Daniel Sutton, senior research analyst at IHS Markit, covers the television industry and Sub-Saharan African television markets.
  • Icon Associate Director – Research and Analysis, Service Providers & Platforms
    Mr. David Scott, associate director of research and analysis at IHS Markit, specializes in the media markets of the Asia-Pacific region.

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