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Network function, storage and server virtualization, as well as the growing demand for cloud-based provisioning of enterprise IT solutions—these are disruptive developments radically changing the face of enterprise IT, networking and communication.

Get the complete picture on how the enterprise market will develop as these trends are realized with our broad and deep reportage on data networks and enterprise communication infrastructure deployed by small and medium businesses and government organizations. Coverage encompasses hardware, software and services.

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  • Matthias Machowinski, Prachi Nema | March 31, 2020
    COVID-19 has caught governments in many countries—let alone enterprises, SMBs, and startups—unguarded. Business continuity planning, which is usually in place within enterprises, educational and financial institutions, and public sector organizations, is proving inadequate in the face of COVID-19. As the virus continues its unabated spread, organizations have closed their offices, schools have shut down, and event organizers have postponed key events and gatherings. It is in these unprecedented times that videoconferencing is emerging as a must-have technology, facilitating rich face-to-face interaction from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. The universal access that these services provide from any computer or smartphone is proving to be a game changer and is already driving significant growth in videoconferencing usage. Clients, please log in to view the full content.
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  • Jeff Wilson | March 25, 2020
    Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global issue that is already having a widespread impact on nearly everyone on the planet. The situation is very fluid; anyone who thinks they know exactly what is going to happen is kidding themselves. However, as we have been tracking several fundamental security markets going back to 1997, I was able to go back to two disruptive events during that time—the dot-com bubble burst of 2001 and the global financial crisis of 2008—to provide some guidance on how the cybersecurity technology market will respond to the current crisis. I reviewed the pre-crash forecasts and the actual results for key security technologies like firewalls, IDS/IPS, and web and mail security to help guide my initial adjustments to my current forecasts. Clients, please log in to read the full content.
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  • Matthias Machowinski | February 14, 2020
    This week, Arista announced that it has acquired software-defined networking (SDN) provider Big Switch Networks. This news was first reported by SDxCentral on January 22 but was not confirmed until Thursday, 13 February 2020, when Arista made the announcements as part of its earnings release. Arista described the acquisition as immaterial to its financials; it is rumored to be around $70M, compared to the $120M that had been raised by Big Switch. About half of the Big Switch team (75 people) will be joining Arista, including cofounder Kyle Forster and CEO Dough Murray for 6–12 months to aid in the transition. Clients, please log in to view the full content.
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Subscription Services

Understand the global market for data center compute equipment. This service features comprehensive coverage of data center compute equipment used by enterprises and cloud and telecom providers. Coverage includes data center servers and Ethernet network adapters by form factor (hyper-converged infrastructure, open compute) and market segment, as well as market shares for key vendors. It also details CPU architecture and adoption of coprocessors for accelerating artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Gain total visibility into the routing and switching market. This service features five separate trackers and two databases that detail the markets for service provider routers and switches, access routers, Ethernet switches, WLAN equipment, network monitoring equipment and more.
Identify opportunities in the enterprise data and communications network market. This service features three proprietary trackers that detail global and regional markets for access routers, Ethernet switches and WLAN equipment.
Advance your position in the market for business communications equipment, software and services. This service features three proprietary trackers that detail the market for UC and voice equipment, SBCs and VoIP gateways, telepresence and videoconferencing equipment.
Gain critical insight into the market for optical networking equipment used by service providers and enterprises. This service features four proprietary trackers that detail global and regional markets for optical network hardware, DCI/packet-optical/OTN switching and transport equipment, data center optics and telecom optics.
Identify opportunities in the software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) markets. This service features four proprietary trackers that detail global and regional markets for data center and enterprise SDN hardware and software and carrier SDN, SDN and NFV hardware, software and services.
Gain total visibility into the entire routing and switching market. This service features two trackers that detail the markets for IP edge and core routers, Ethernet switches (CES), Ethernet access devices (EADs) and more.
Navigate the service provider Voice over IP (VoIP) and IMS equipment markets. This service features our proprietary tracker that details the market for VoIP and IMS equipment and subscribers, along with a report on diameter signaling controllers.
Explore opportunities in SSD and HDD storage with complete market coverage. This service features our proprietary SSD and HDD storage market tracker, which provides a seven-year market forecast for unit shipments, revenues, average selling prices (ASPs) and market shares across three vertical markets and by technology.


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  • March 23, 2020
    Offers real-time pricing analysis of the hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) storage markets.
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  • Baldesh Singh, Li Fen Siew | March 12, 2020
    This Smart City Profile is one of a series produced as part of the Smart Cities IoT Intelligence Service. These dedicated studies are designed to complement the group’s already extensive research portfolio by providing in-depth analysis on market development at the individual city level. These profiles provide a valuable bench-marking tool for clients active in the global smart cities market.
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  • Diane Myers | February 06, 2020
    This annual market report provides accurate data and analyses--including market size, forecasts, and market trends--to help clients make better business decisions in the diameter signaling control market.
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  • Icon Senior Principal Analyst, Storage
    Craig Stice is a senior principal analyst responsible for forecasting and analysis of the storage markets including solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD). Prior to his work in the storage markets, Craig was an analyst covering compute electronics systems at IHS, which included the PC and server industries.
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