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Many factors affecting the video surveillance industry today—aggressive price competition, supply base consolidation, China’s continued prevalence, intelligent analytics, safe cities and the continuing movement from standard to high definition video—make timely market intelligence more important than ever.

Confront the complexities of the global professional and consumer video surveillance markets with our extensive market data and insights.

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Analyst insight and market data on the effects of COVID-19 measures on demand and supply across the technology, media, and telecoms (TMT) value chain.
Heading into its third year of double-digit growth, the global video surveillance market is thriving from the demand for better security, public safety and business intelligence. As the recognized leader of market intelligence for the global video surveillance industry and as a major research provider to the 15 world’s largest video surveillance equipment suppliers, we can help you navigate and unlock opportunities in this expanding market.
Understand the video surveillance equipment market supplier landscape. This service expands the geographic coverage of the standard service and includes market shares at the subregional level for 13 subregions. It also includes market data and forecasts for 10 main video surveillance product categories across the standard 5 regions plus 13 subregions.


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  • Icon Prinicipal Analyst, Video Surveillance
    Jon Cropley is a principal analyst in Omdia's video surveillance and security services group. He joined the company in 2001 and has authored numerous syndicated research reports.
  • Icon Manager, Building Technologies
    Niall Jenkins is a consulting manager for the Building Technologies group at IHS Markit.
  • Icon Executive Director, Security Technology.
    Thomas Lynch is the Executive Director for Security Technology at IHS Markit. Thomas and his team focus across video surveillance equipment, safe cities, public safety, future communications technologies such as LTE, command & control and Cybersecurity in addition to Fintech and Blockchain research.
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