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The display manufacturing process for both panel makers and suppliers continues to evolve in the face of new components and technologies. It’s essential to understand how changes affect display supply-and-demand variables, while also taking into account market-moving or influential signifiers, including trending industry developments, global patterns of consumption and disruptive flows of capital or investments.

Benefit from close and accurate tracking of display supply and demand with detailed treatment of technology developments that impact the display landscape. Our industry-leading display supply chain data and analysis encompasses all major display-enabled applications and supplier relationships—from panel makers to OEM/ODMs to brands.

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Access the most frequently updated, complete analysis of the AMOLED display industry. This service features two market trackers (one global, the other China-specific) that provide the seven-year outlook for shipments, revenues and prices for AMOLED displays from more than eight manufacturers.
This service provides a comprehensive guide to fab activity, capacity, utilization, supply/demand, capital spending, financial information and relevant news analysis for the entire FPD supply chain.
Analyst insight and market data on the effects of COVID-19 measures on demand and supply across the technology, media, and telecoms (TMT) value chain.
Timely information and analysis covering major issues in the display industry, with over 20 insights provided per month. Quick and speedy analysis is delivered on current hot topics and developments in the LCD and OLED industries, and on display applications such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, monitors, notebooks, public displays, and handheld applications.
Navigate the rapidly changing display industry, with industry-leading research on the display supply chain, display manufacturers, and display technologies. The premium service builds upon our standard service by offering a more detailed examination of the overall display market. In addition to 20+ analyst articles monthly, you receive a monthly market brief and strategic outlook database, as well as customer presentations on industry events, conferences and hot topics.
Find must-have data and analysis on tablet and notebook industry players. This service features a monthly market tracker that provides historical data and the three-month outlook for displays used in tablets and notebooks, as well as a detailed supply chain matrix that tracks panel-to-OEM and OEM-to-brand shipments.
Access industry-leading research on panel supplier-TV OEM relationships worldwide. This service features monthly and quarterly TV display market trackers covering nine TV display makers, 30 TV brands and 25+ TV OEMs, along with pricing for the top five TV display models.


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  • Ricky Park | June 04, 2020
    This is a monthly collection of Display Dynamics Intelligence Service data and insights.
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  • Jerry Kang | April 10, 2020
    The Foldable Display Technology & Market Report – 2020 covers the market demand forecast of foldable displays, which is based on the growth probability until the year 2026 and estimates the manufacturing cost and necessary supply capacity. In addition, this report focuses on the technology and supply chain of recent foldable displays (cover lens, touch sensor, polarizer).
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  • Charles Annis, Chase Li | September 04, 2019
    Market Briefs cover a wide range of topics such as revisions to forecasts, breaking news, special technology developments, etc. They are published in-between the regular quarterly Excel and Power Point deliverables to provide information to subscribers in a timely manner.
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  • Jerry Kang, Jay Shao, Ph.D. | June 02, 2020
    The OLED Display Roadmap Tracker quarterly updates the growth and development of the emerging AMOLED relative technologies based on the market shipment trends and divided by the diverse specifications, such as diagonal size range, resolution pixel pitch and so on.
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  • Jason Hsu | May 29, 2020
    This tracker provides a monthly update on tablet & notebook display shipments, set production, and prices with a three-month forecast.
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  • Nick Jiang | May 28, 2020
    This monthly publication provides OEM costs and prices for Chinese TV makers that are critical data points for understanding the frequently changing dynamics of the TV industry.
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  • Icon Senior Director, Display Manufacturing Technology
    Mr. Charles Annis serves as Senior Director within the IHS Technology group.
  • Icon Director, Display Supply Chain
    Ms. Deborah Yang is a Director within the IHS Technology group. She joined IHS in November 2014, when IHS acquired DisplaySearch, a leader in primary research and forecasting on the global display market. At DisplaySearch, she served as director of Taiwan and China display market research.
  • Icon Senior Principal Analyst, Emerging Display Technologies & OLED
    Jerry Kang is responsible for the OLED display market analysis at IHS. His main focus is the AMOLED panel and the next generation display market including flexible and transparent display with AMOLED.
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