Cassandra Mooshian

Cassandra Mooshian

With coverage areas including cloud platforms, blockchain, and robotic process automation (RPA), Cassandra produces thought-provoking research for vendor, service provider, and enterprise clients. Although she roots her analysis in data, Cassandra provides value-added insight to translate the data into what it means for these clients.

Cassandra joined Omdia in 2019, having spent the 10 years prior in technology and market research at Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR). At TBR, Cassandra covered topics including the all-encompassing cloud, professional services, hybrid IT, and enterprise software. She led end-user research and spearheaded many reports, benchmarks, and market forecasts.

Cassandra has a particular interest in the platform layer, including containers and container management, multicloud management, integration (iPaaS), and blockchain.

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What role will RPA play during and after the COVID-19 era?

The world as we know it has undoubtedly changed forever due to COVID-19. Each and every one of us – as individuals, collectively, and as families and businesses – will emerge into the post COVID-19 era seeing the world differently. While this virus has wreaked havoc all over the globe and in more unprecedented and all-encompassing ways than any of us have seen in our lifetime, it also provides an opportunity for us to change how we approach things going forward. Aside from the global recession we are heading into, businesses and governments will (hopefully) establish better disaster recovery protocols and continuity plans; IT departments will be better suited for remote working and “all-day peak demand” than ever before; businesses will optimize processes; each of us will value human connection both personally and professionally; and the list goes on. While many of these outcomes are interconnected, today it is important to focus on how businesses will improve their IT strategies with process optimization amid and after this global crisis and what that means for robotic process automation (RPA). More broadly, is RPA recession proof, or is it somewhat more insulated from the downturn than other technology markets? We are about to find out just how resilient this emerging technology is.

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