Blake Kozak

Blake Kozak

As the key analyst who oversees all research across the smart home and home appliance space, Blake Kozak keeps close and continuous watch of his fast-evolving sphere, which has undergone significant change in recent years. Blake’s charter encompasses critical market signifiers such as industry revenue intake, the market’s performance over time, historical as well as new business models, and opportunities for expansion and growth.

During the past 10 years, Blake has been the author of numerous syndicated reports and intelligence services on a broad spectrum of products, including intruder alarms, electronic physical access control, access control as a service (ACaaS), perimeter security, and residential security. Blake is also a regular speaker at industry events.

Before joining the company, Blake helped supervise the access control system of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He also interned with a US congressional leader to conduct research on healthcare and other initiatives.

Blake earned his B.A. in public policy from Ohio University, and was accepted for membership in the prestigious, invitation-only Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

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Smart Home Device Database - Brand List & Products

This report explores various brands and product portfolios.

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Mobile, Consumer & Connected Devices
Ecobee enters the security industry

Ecobee has joined the security industry with Haven and as one of the market leaders in smart thermostats, Ecobee aims to take advantage of its installed base to bring more value to its platform. This makes sense in the USA where security remains a primary selling feature of smart home systems and cloud-based video camera storage is the most popular method of recurring fees.

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Smart Speakers Report - COVID-19 Forecast Update

With the COVID-19 pandemic, smart speakers could be used to identify potential cases of the virus. Although Amazon Alexa is the only speaker currently approved for health records in the USA, other speakers could be used to monitor and notify users locally, rather than using the cloud. This could be done in several ways: using audio analytics for dry cough or even using other methods to determine chest movements and other symptoms.

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Mobile, Consumer & Connected Devices
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