Merrick Kingston

Merrick Kingston

Mr. Merrick Kingston is an associate director at IHS Markit, and engages in a broad spectrum of digital media and video technology research.

Focusing on subjects ranging from backend network infrastructure to frontend digital video software, Merrick’s expertise spans IP video distribution, digital media business models, audience measurement and analytics, and the complex technology value-chain that stretches from the video backend to the end-user device.

As part of IHS Markit’s consulting business, Merrick has undertaken a wide complement of work with companies from across the value chain; his experience spans product and market-entry strategy, due diligence, competitive review and landscaping, customer profiling, and the assessment of anti-competitive practice.

Merrick holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Middlebury College, a Master of Science (MSc) from the London School of Economics, and speaks fluent Danish, French and Italian.

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Cloud DVR Market Report - 2020

This report examines the challenge and practice of building a modern Cloud DVR. The discussion centers around: what a Cloud DVR must be capable of accomplishing; the bottlenecks that these requirements present; solutions, architectures, and approaches that mitigate bottlenecks; the vendors who are in a position to furnish customer-ready solutions.

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The next decade: video UX technology in 2030

Technology abiogenesis is a rarity in the digital media industry. Although the industry’s rate of technology development may seem swift, video solutions obey – and evolve in accordance with – incremental, predictable processes. In order to think clearly about the next decade of video solutions, we need not engage in unfounded speculation, or ruminate on discontinuous, nigh-unforeseeable step changes that may or may not occur.

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Video UX Technology Market Tracker - H1 2019

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