Games vs Recessions Presentation - 2020

Market Behaviour Under Three Past Scenarios

April 29, 2020  | Subscribers Only

Steve Bailey Steve Bailey Principal Senior Analyst, Games
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The issue of COVID-19 has raised many questions around the video game market’s capacity for resisting recessionary impact during the second half of 2020, and throughout 2021. To give context to this topic, we look at how the market performed before, during and after three past scenarios: 1) The Great Recession of 2008, in USA, 2) The Early 2000s Recession in 2001, in USA, and 3) The Sendai Earthquake Recession of 2011, in Japan. Even if comparative conclusions are difficult to draw in these scenarios, there remains great value in this exercise regarding the illustration of just how fundamentally the games market has changed in the past two decades.

Steve Bailey

Principal Senior Analyst, Games

Steve Bailey is a principal senior analyst for Games at Omdia.

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