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Fighting the Spread of Coronavirus with Artificial Intelligence

March 26, 2020  | Subscribers Only

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While the spread of the coronavirus may have been inevitable, modern technology has certainly added to the challenge. For example, inexpensive air, vehicle, and rail travel has allowed infected people to spread the virus far beyond its genesis in Wuhan, China. The use of social media is allowing unfounded rumors around the cause, prevention techniques, and likely impact of the virus to flourish. And even the traditional news media’s 24/7 coverage of the virus is, in some cases, adding to the hysteria surrounding the outbreak. However, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, in particular, is being used to aid governments, researchers, and health organizations that wish to contain the spread of the virus. From early warning and detection algorithms to big data-based analyses of patient travel histories and the eventual creation and development of a coronavirus vaccine, AI likely will be a key enabling technology.

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