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Portable monitor shipments rise 46 percent in 2019 as users embrace productivity boost delivered by mobile displays

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Global shipments of portable monitors are set to surge by 46 percent in 2019 and by another 27 percent in 2020 as more users gain awareness of the efficiency and productivity gains unleashed by these mobile displays.

Portable monitor shipments will total 262,000 unit this year, up from 179,000 in 2018, according to IHS Markit | Technology, now a part of Informa Tech. Shipments will expand to 331,000 in 2020, as reported by the Desktop Monitor Market Tracker – Q3 2019.

Portable monitors are slim, lightweight displays designed to act as adjuncts to mobile electronic devices, including notebook PCs, smartphones and video gaming systems. Such monitors have screen sizes and resolutions similar to traditional 15-inch notebook PC displays. Per IHS Markit | Technology’s definition, a portable monitor definition weighs less than 100 grams per inch and has a thickness less than 1 millimeter per inch. Portable monitors may feature a USB-C I/O port for both power and signal delivery, but this is not a requirement of the portable monitor definition.

For notebook users, portable monitors offer a convenient way to expand their computer capabilities while on the go.

“Portable monitors can improve users’ notebook PC work efficiency and productivity while working outdoors or traveling,” said Jeff Lin, associate director at IHS Markit | Technology. “This is especially true in the 5G era, when fixed wireless access and millimeter-wave technologies are dramatically accelerating wireless connectivity speeds. The arrival of 5G, along with improved battery life for devices like notebook PCs, hybrid smartphones and foldable devices will help portable monitors fill the need for greater mobile productivity.”

Most of the top PC brands have launched portable monitor product lines that serve as companions to their notebook PC products. From the first quarter through the third quarter of 2019, Asus has shipped the most portable monitors, with 64 percent of worldwide units. Hewlett-Packard was the No.-2 brand with 20 percent of the worldwide total, followed by AOC, Acer and Lenovo.

IHS Markit | Technology anticipates many of the leading notebook PC makers will pursue a companion display strategy, and will be able to translate knowledge of the notebook display manufacturing process to portable monitor production.

“Portable monitors will help PC brands that have both notebook PC and monitor products to expand their sales because portable monitors require notebook sales channel assistance,” Lin said.

The growth of the portable monitor segment is even more impressive when compared to the flat performance of the desktop monitor market. Desktop monitor shipments are expected to rise by a scant 0.9 percent in 2020, following a 0.1 percent drop in 2019.

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The Desktop Monitor Market Tracker – Q3 2019 report from IHS Markit | Technology is a single, comprehensive resource that provides indispensable coverage of displays including CRT, LCD, All-in-One and AMOLED desktop monitor markets and the supply chain. Backed by a global analyst team, it offers the most detailed, reliable coverage in the industry.


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