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Vivo’s X30 series launches with Samsung 5G SoC inside

December 31, 2019

Zaker Li Zaker Li Senior Analyst, Smartphone & Mobile
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Vivo’s X30 series launches with Samsung 5G SoC inside

vivo just launched their latest 5G smartphones, the vivo X30 series. The phones are also the first smartphones featuring a 5G SoC inside, jointly developed with Samsung. In addition to 5G, vivo also upgrades the camera with a 13mpx periscope camera with 5X optical zoom and 60X Mixed zoom.

Key specifications of the vivo X30 series:


vivo X30

vivo X30 Pro


6.44 inches, AMOLED

6.44 inches, AMOLED


1080 x 2400

1080 x 2400

Front camera

32mpx (wide-angle)

32mpx (wide-angle)


Primary camera

64mpx (wide)+ 32mpx (telephoto)+ 8mpx (ultrawide)

64 MP (wide)+ 32mpx (telephoto)+ 8mpx (ultrawide)

Periscope 13pmx with 5x optical zoom


Exynos 980

Exynos 980






128GB/256 GB


4350 mAh

4350 mAh


472 USD/514 USD

572 USD/ 614 USD


As one of the leading smartphone brands, vivo is very aggressive on its 5G smartphone roadmap.  In Q3 2019 vivo launched the vivo NEX 3 5G, a flagship model with starting price of $815. The company also launched the iQOO Pro 5G, with starting price of $543. Both use the Snapdragon 855 Plus chip and X55 modem. The X30 series is the first series of vivo 5G smartphones with a 5G SoC inside, supporting SA and NSA 5G networks. And it’s also the first smartphone of vivo using a chipset from Samsung.

According to the “Smartphone Model Market Tracker, Q3 2019,” 5G smartphone shipments are growing quickly. 1.8 million units of 5G smartphone in Q2 2019 Increased to 4.3 million units in Q3 2019. Samsung is the biggest player in the 5G smartphone segment, shipping 4.6m units over the last two quarters. vivo is the biggest player for 5G smartphone shipments among the Chinese OEMs. Vivo's X series is important, having switched all models form 4G to 5G. This means vivo’s 5G shipments will surge in the near future.

5G is the key technology which OEMs must embrace quickly. Major OEMs launched 5G smartphones with aggressive pricing. Huawei launched the Mate 30 series in October and Nova 6 in this month. Honor released the V30 5G model price starts at $472. The vivo X30 has the same starting price as the Honor V30.

Cheapest 5G smartphone available in the market is Xiaomi’s Redmi K30, the price starts from $286.

5G SoC’s a key element for 5G smartphone design. Compared to standalone chips and modems, an integrated solution has the advantage of lower BOM costs, a smaller size and lower power consumption. Samsung is the second 5G SoC maker after Huawei.

All major chipset markers are releasing integrated 5G SoC’s, except Apple. More and more 5G SoC smartphone models will reach the market at decreasing prices. China will be the largest 5G smartphone market in the world and account for more 50% of 5G smartphone market share next year.

Aside from the 5G SoC inside, the periscope camera is the second key feature of the vivo X30 Pro. The periscope camera has 13mpx resolution and supports 5 times optical zoom and 60 times mixed zoom. The 13mpx 5x periscope camera lens uses a special structure and optical prism to get the same perspective as a full-frame SLR camera 135mm lens.

Photography remains one of the most important features on a smartphone. Smartphone cameras have quickly upgraded form single lens to multiple lenses, ranging from lower resolution solutions to high resolution of over 100mpx. Now after two years in development, the periscope camera will become the new smartphone camera design trend on flagship smartphones.

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