Mobile Phone Purchase Driver Report - 2019

Brand loyalty is rare outside of Apple and Samsung

November 27, 2019  | Subscribers Only

James Allison James Allison Principal Analyst, Consumer Devices
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IHS Markit conducted a consumer survey of Connected Devices & Media Consumption in April 2019 across six markets; US, Brazil, UK, Germany, Japan, and India to understand adoption and usage of various connected devices. 

  • In the survey, respondents were asked the brand of their current and previous main mobile phone and why they chose their latest main phone.
  • The hardware-related reasons are the biggest group of purchase drivers for mobile phones.
  • Across 5 of the 6 countries surveyed the propensity to change mobile phone brands decreases as income increases.
  • Outside of Apple and Samsung brand loyalty is rare, with only a third of respondents choosing to remain with the same brand.

James Allison

Principal Analyst, Consumer Devices

James Allison is a principal research analyst at Omdia, researching the TV sets, smartphone, and connected devices markets.

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