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Ovum and IHS Markit | Technology analyst teams available for media commentary on the Made by Google event

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The debut of the much-anticipated Pixel 4 line is likely to be the highlight of the Made by Google event on October 15, marking Google’s latest attempt to claim a significant share of a global smartphone market expected to total 1.39 billion units this year. However, that’s just one of the many major announcements expected, with Google also likely to roll out a new PixelBook laptop/tablet hybrid, an updated version of its Nest Mini smart speaker—and possibly even a Pixel Watch smartwatch.

To assist journalists covering the manifold storylines emerging at Made by Google, IHS Markit | Technology along with Ovum—now both a part of Informa Tech—are making their analyst teams available for media commentary. From semiconductors to smartphones, the analyst team has the critical data and insights that can add new dimensions to media coverage of the event.

For journalists reporting on the event, the experts listed below are at your service with data and insights on a broad range of topics. Interviews can be arranged by contacting the analysts directly using the links below with a copy to [email protected].

Smartphone insights

  • Wayne Lam, director and principal analyst, devices and networks for IHS Markit | Technology. Lam will be attending the Made by Google event in person and can provide commentary on developments related to Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone line, as well as the electronic design and content of the devices.
  • Daniel Gleeson, principal analyst, consumer technology for Ovum. Gleeson is a much sought-after commentator on a wide range of topics including smartphones and 5G devices.
  • Jusy Hong, director for IHS Markit | Technology. Hong is an expert on smartphones, with in-depth knowledge of the market’s competitive dynamics.
  • Gerrit Schneemann, senior analyst, smartphones for IHS Markit | Technology. Schneemann is available to share his knowledge about the Pixel 4 line and the smartphone market in general.

Wearable wisdom

  • Rishi Kaul, technology research analyst, consumer technology/media and broadcast at Ovum. Kaul is an expert on the smartwatch market and will be available to speak about any potential announcements regarding Pixel Watch.

Smart speaker and smart home analysis

  • Michael Philpott, senior practice leader, consumer and entertainment services at Ovum. With a background in smart home technology, Philpott is available to discuss developments with the Nest smart speaker.
  • Blake Kozak, principal analyst, smart home and security technology for IHS Markit | Technology. Leveraging his expertise in smart speakers, Kozak is available to share his insights on developments with smart speakers and the Nest ecosystem.
  • Mariana Zamoszczyk, senior analyst, consumer and entertainment services at Ovum. Zamoszczyk is available to share her extensive insights on Google Home and the smart home market in general.

Tablet and notebook knowledge

  • Jeff Lin, research and analysis associate director, tablet and notebook PC at IHS Markit | Technology. Lin has intimate knowledge of the PC supply chain, giving him unparalleled insights into future moves by computer brands. He will be available to comment on Google’s PixelBook announcement.
  • Daniel Gleeson, principal analyst, consumer technology for Ovum. Gleeson is an expert on the tablet segment.

Electronics insights

  • Manuel Tagliavini, principal analyst, MEMS and sensors, at IHS Markit | Technology. Looking for deep insights on the electronics that enable the face ID and gesture features on Google products? Tagliavini has unique knowledge about the components that make such features possible.

VR/AR and gaming

  • George Jijiashvili, senior analyst at Ovum, leads virtual/augmented (VR/AR) reality and gaming hardware and content research. He can comment on any related developments at the Google event.

Consumer Video insights

  • Paul Erickson, senior analyst, consumer and pay-TV video devices for IHS Markit | Technology. Paul is available to share his knowledge and insights on Google's video devices and ecosystems--from Chromecast to Android TV--and related competitive dynamics. 

Wireless power

  • Dinesh Kithany, lead industry analyst, wireless power and power supplies, at IHS Markit | Technology. Kithany can discuss wireless power technology’s expansion adoption across mobile and other consumer electronics devices. 




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