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New Display Applications: heterogenous smartphone, dual Screen PC, IWB, AR, VR, IoT, E-paper, smartwatch

September 16, 2019  | Subscribers Only

Calvin Hsieh Calvin Hsieh Director, Touch and User Interface

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This presentation is a special focus on the new display application and the ecosystem along with the devices. It was given by Calvin Hsieh, research director, in IHS Markit 2019 China Display Conference in September 2019 . This presentation is quite different from conventional display-related contents (i.e. shipment, supply chain, display technology materials and cost). It is made for brainstorming on the opportunities of the new display applications, especially on the heterogenous smartphone with more semiconductor and sensor integration, dual screen PC for the better efficiency, the interactive white board (IWB) with more human machine interactive functions, the AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality ) which needs the display to converge with the other components in the device, the displays in IoT (Internet Of Things) , the EPD (E-paper Display) and smartwatch with more functions. The latest circumstance of the flat panel display industry has shown that the over-capacity and the weak end market demand of the mainstream applications (such as TV, PC and smartphone) have been struggling the display manufactures. And it impacts the profit margin of the whole display supply chain, as the low ASP of the panel is cursing everybody in the supply chain. This encourages everybody to try to find something new applications. However for the new display applications, it will take a whole ecosystem to grow the market rather than just better and cheaper display. In this presentation, we adopts the scope of product marketing which is more high-level and comprehensive to examine the influential factors shaping future dynamic of those applications, instead of only FPD industry or panel makers’ viewpoints. No matter new opportunity from existing applications or potential applications, actualizing them needs those factors converged together. The presentation is to identify those factors. The format is the powerpoint with script, in which the readers can access to understand the points in each slide.

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