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The competitiveness of Samsung’s ‘The Wall Professional’ pricing comparison with other mass-produced fine pixel pitch products

August 16, 2019  | Subscribers Only

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On the 8th of August, Samsung Electronics North America unveiled the price of their most advanced mass-produced B2B direct view LED video display, ‘The Wall Professional’. The price announced is $20,033 USD per cabinet of 806.4x453.6mm, which is equivalent to $54,767 USD per square meter, often used as the industry’s standard benchmark for pricing these displays.

Even though Samsung Electronics highly publicized this product as a ‘revolutionary modular Micro LED videowall’ with a chip size of 125x225μm, the noteworthy point to focus on is the pixel pitch of 0.847 mm. Very few conventional LED video display vendors show fine pixel pitch products less than 0.8mm with Chip On Board technology or 4-in-1 SMD type technology since they are not yet mass-produced.

Since there are no clear competitors against Samsung’s The Wall in the direct view LED display market due to distinctive pixel pitch and chip size, it is difficult to compare the price of The Wall Professional with other products. However, the closest apples-to-apples comparison available to consider is with the one of 0.9 mm fine pixel pitch products which are already available for mass-production in the market.

So, when The Wall Professional is compared with Leyard’s TWA 0.9 series, the competing specifications become apparent not only in physical parameter, but also in optical parameters such as contrast ratio, bit depth, and color temperature. Many of these features come from several advanced technology enhancements from Samsung Electronics including Ultra-low reflection black technology and HDR technology.

The price range of 0.9mm and 0.95mm pixel pitch products with similar specifications as Leyard’s TWA 0.9 product is estimated to range between $45,000 to $50,000 USD per square meter in the first half of 2019. Even though the price of these displays would decline slightly during the latter half of this year, the price of The Wall Professional still seems competitive at $54,767 USD.

By incrementally decreasing pixel pitch by 0.05~0.1mm from the current finest LED video displays of 0.9~0.95mm, the difference in price is a mere 15% premium. For comparison, the price gap between the current mainstream fine pixel pitch product in the market, 1.5mm, and upcoming core volume player, 1.2mm, is roughly $7,500 USD per square meter. To purchase a square meter of 1.2mm pixel pitch product, the purchase price would be 54% higher compared to purchasing a 1.5mm pixel pitch product in the first half of 2019.

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