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LCD Videowall Outlook in 2019

July 11, 2019  | Subscribers Only

Kelly Lum Kelly Lum Principal Research Analyst, Digital Signage

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After attending InfoComm in Orlando last month, one recurring theme seemed to be evident - videowalls are finding their way into virtually every vertical market. Demand for videowalls among many applications within digital signage remains fierce without signs of slowing in the near-term.

Within the transportation sector, digital signage in airports was typically used as flight information displays to deliver pertinent information to travelers. However, as the industry continues to evolve, the implementation of digital signage within airports becomes more bold and creative. For example, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) selected LG Electronics USA Business Solutions to provide digital signage solutions for renovations occurring at the Orlando International Airport. A total of 700 LG 55-inch ultra-narrow videowall displays were installed at the airport to create a continuous 1,561-foot digital display wall behind airline counters, and another 500 LG displays were installed for wayfinding in check-in areas, concessions, and security checkpoints.

Our Analysis

  • There is now a clear distinction within the videowall market by technology and price, namely with the rise of LED videowalls to their long-standing LCD counterpart.
  • The digital signage industry now identifies LCD videowalls as the ‘cost friendly’ option and demand for these displays will infiltrate new markets in the near-term. LED videowalls are now being positioned for higher-end markets such as broadcast and control room applications.
  • Factors determining what type of videowall technology is suitable for a certain application will largely rely on cost, resolution, power consumption, durability, and installation.

  • For 2019, IHS Markit forecasts global LCD videowall demand to increase 15.4% over the previous year. We expect a lift in shipments each year through the longer-term forecast, however, growth is anticipated to be incrementally smaller each year as demand for LCD videowalls is anticipated to face added competition from LED videowalls.
  • Based on the latest iteration of the Public Display Market Tracker, IHS Markit expects half of all LCD videowall shipments for 2019 to be comprised of 45” – 49” for 2.00mm-3.99mm and 50” – 59” for <=1.99mm bezel-to-bezel width category.
  • IHS Markit predicts global LCD videowall shipments for 50” – 59” size category for extreme narrow bezel products with bezel-to-bezel width of <=1.99mm to emerge as the clear leader by 2020.
  • However, as LED videowall technology matures, coupled with aggressive price declines with further saturation of the market, then IHS Markit expects to have a greater impact on LCD videowall cannibalization.
  • In the next 3-5 years, IHS Markit expects both LCD and LED videowall products to serve different vertical markets, keeping demand for both technologies relevant.


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