Brazil: Mobile subscription trends and launch of 5G

June 25, 2019  | Subscribers Only

Silvia Presello Silvia Presello Senior Research Analyst, Service Providers and Platforms Technology
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This report provides an insight on trends of mobile subscriptions by operators, type, and technology across Brazil, as well as market recommendations at the end of the report. 


  • The government is committed to the launch of 5G and the digitalization of the country, with commercial 5G launch expected in 2020–21.
  • Mobile operators Telefonica, TIM, and Claro are leading the launch of 5G; Oi has committed to launching 5G as well despite financial issues.
  • General customer migration from 2G and 3G to 4G and 4.5G for all mobile operators. 
  • An increase in 4G mobile subscribers has been recorded.
  • An increase in total postpaid mobile subscriptions has been recorded.
  • There has been a decline in mobile subscriptions owing to deactivated prepaid SIM cards, migration to postpaid plans, and an increase in tax charges for telco operators in 2014–15.
  • Claro has strengthened its position in the country’s mobile industry through the acquisition of Nextel

In this report:

  • Telefonica, Claro, Algar, Nextel, TIM Brazil, Oi.
  • 5G Brazil Project
  • Postpaid and prepaid mobile trends
  • Mobile technology trends

List of tables and charts:

  • Mobile subscribers by operator
  • Mobile broadband coverage – December 2018
  • Prepaid and postpaid subscription trends
  • Total prepaid and postpaid subscriptions net additions
  • Total mobile subscription market shares (%) by technology
  • Telefonica (Vivo): Mobile subscriptions by technology
  • Telefonica (Vivo): Prepaid and postpaid mobile subscriptions             
  • Claro: Mobile subscriptions by technology 
  • Claro: Prepaid and postpaid mobile subscriptions                
  • Nextel: Mobile subscriptions by technology    
  • Nextel: Prepaid and postpaid mobile subscriptions                
  • Algar Telecom: Mobile subscriptions by technology  
  • Algar Telecom: Prepaid and postpaid mobile subscriptions     
  • TIM Brazil: Mobile subscriptions by technology                          
  • TIM: Prepaid and postpaid mobile subscriptions
  • Oi: Mobile subscriptions by technology         
  • Oi: Prepaid and postpaid mobile subscriptions  

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Number of Tables and Charts: 17

Silvia Presello

Senior Research Analyst, Service Providers and Platforms Technology

Silvia Presello specializes in service providers and platforms technology.

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