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Atom Tickets reaches two thirds of US screens

June 05, 2019

David Hancock David Hancock Director – Research and Analysis, Cinema & Home Entertainment

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Specialist movie ticketing company Atom Tickets has added major US exhibitor Cinemark to its list of exhibitors, taking its screen count to over 26,000 screens of the US screen estate of 40,000 screens plus. Cinemark is the third largest exhibitor in the USA by screen count with 4,500 screens in 340 sites. Since the company was launched in 2014, with backing from Fidelity Management, Lionsgate, Disney and Fox, it has grown to include 60 US exhibitors (including AMC and Regal) and around two thirds of all screens in the USA. According to a recent Comscore report, Atom has 6m unique visitors to its app a month.

In May 2019,  company partnered with event ticketing site Ticketon, which targets the Hispanic market in the USA. The Hispanic population are enthusiastic cinema consumers, representing 18% of the population but 23% of all tickets sold, and the highest per capita attendance by ethnicity at 4.7 visits per head in 2018, according to MPAA research.

Following another trend, Atom has also launched Atom Movie Access in April 2019, the first ‘off the shelf’ subscription service platform for exhibitors of all sizes to adapt to their needs. The first customer was Megaplex Theatres. Circuit has named it MegaPass at a cost of $14.95 a month for two tickets. It is accessed via Atom Tickets App. The service includes premium screenings. 

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