Channel revenues and programming expenditure: Full year 2018

May 21, 2019  | Subscribers Only

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This twice-yearly report analyses full year 2018 revenue and expenditure reported by 32 TV and video companies in the US, Japan and Europe, identifying key shifts in market share, revenue trends and changes in programming investment.

List of tables and charts:

  • Overall annual revenues in US ($bn)
  • Overall annual revenues in other countries ($bn)
  • Overall year-on-year revenue change in all countries (%)
  • US media companies: Overall annual revenues ($bn)
  • US media companies: 2018 revenues by segment
  • Cable network segments: Reported worldwide annual revenues ($bn)
  • Cable network segments: Reported advertising revenues ($bn)
  • Cable network segments: Reported subscription revenues ($bn)
  • US cable network segments: US revenues ($bn)
  • US cable network segments: International revenues ($bn)
  • US cable network segments: International as % of annual revenues
  • Total filmed entertainment revenues by group ($m)
  • Breakdown of 2018 revenues by type ($m)
  • Filmed entertainment sales to TV
  • Walt Disney 2018 revenues by type: Media networks
  • Walt Disney 2018 revenues by type: Overall (%)
  • 21st Century Fox and Fox Entertainment 2018 revenues by type: Overall
  • Annual programming expenditure – top 10 groups US 2014-2018 ($bn)
  • Annual programming expenditure – top 10 groups worldwide 2014-2018 ($bn)
  • Amazon and Netflix original productions by year of first transmission (hours)
  • European groups: Net advertising revenue (€bn) 2014-2018
  • European groups: Advertising as a share of overall revenue, 2018 (%)
  • Japan: TV advertising revenues, calendar year (¥bn)
  • Japan: Major broadcasters revenues and production costs in calendar 2018 (¥bn)
  • Japan: Wowow revenues and programme expenditure Q1 2017–Q4 2018
  • France: TF1 and M6 TV advertising revenues (€m)
  • France: Canal Plus annual revenues (€m)
  • France: Average annual viewing by group (age 4-50)
  • Germany: RTL vs ProSiebenSat.1 German-speaking broadcasting revenues (€m)
  • Germany: ProsiebenSat.1 entertainment revenues and programming expenditure (€m)
  • Germany: Audience share by group (14 to 59 age group)
  • Italy: Net TV advertising revenues for Mediaset , Cairo Commucazione and Sky (€m)
  • Italy: Mediaset broadcasting revenues (€m)
  • Italy: Audience share by group (2018)
  • Spain: Annual net revenues (€m)
  • Spain: Broadcaster’s advertising revenue segments, €m
  • Spain: Audience share by group (%)
  • NENT broadcasting & streaming revenue and content cost ($m)
  • CME revenue by type and content cost ($m)
  • CME 2018 revenues by type and country ($m)
  • UK: TV advertising revenues (£m)
  • UK: Average annual audience share by group (%)
  • UK: Broadcaster’s investments in 2018

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Number of Tables and Charts: 43 

Tim Westcott

Director, Research and Analysis, Programming

Tim Westcott is a director of research and analysis for Programming at Omdia.

Kia Ling Teoh

Senior Research Analyst, Advertising and Television Media

Kia Ling Teoh is a senior research analyst, Advertising & Television Media at Omdia.

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