IBC Analysis Report - 2019

IBC 2019 recap: A narrowing field in search of value creation and differentiation

October 28, 2019  | Subscribers Only

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To the extent that IBC 2018 revolved around Android TV’s establishment in the pay TV market, the indelible mark that the FAANGs’ have left on the video industry, and the segment’s salvation in the hands of private capital, IBC 2019 firmly crystalized these competitive dynamics. The field of vendors is narrowing; the breadth of solutions offered across this field is dwindling; the consequent search for - and essentiality of - value creation is peaking.


  • What signs of market failure and market renewal are taking place in the video technology industry?
  • To what extent do SoC vendors' decisions dictate the market's direction?
  • How should we best think about AI and ML applications in the video space?
  • Has Android demonstrably obliterated rival video software platforms?
  • How are set-top boxes changing, and attempting to maintain relevance?

Andrew Young

Associate Director, Research and Analysis, Service Provider Technology

Andrew Young, an associate director at Omdia, is responsible for researching professional video technology.

Merrick Kingston

Associate Director, Research & Analysis, Digital Media & Video Technology

Mr. Merrick Kingston is an associate director at IHS Markit, and engages in a broad spectrum of digital media and video technology research.

Paul Erickson

Senior Research Analyst, Service Provider Technology

Mr. Paul Erickson, senior analyst at IHS Markit, drives connected device research and a range of topics for the broadband intelligence service.

Stelios Kotakis

Senior Research Analyst, Service Provider Technology

Mr. Kotakis, a senior research analyst at IHS Markit, focuses on the managed services and professional video industries, plus cloud and content delivery.

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