IoT Security Strategies & Vendor Leadership Survey - 2019

August 01, 2019  | Subscribers Only

Tanner Johnson Tanner Johnson Senior Analyst, Connectivity & IoT
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When it comes to IoT cybersecurity, the challenges are as diverse as the connected devices themselves. To better understand how modern enterprise is responding to these challenges, we launched a survey to give vendors a voice to share their concerns and experiences. The results collected from our respondents highlight significant trends in the application of IoT cybersecurity, as well as hurdles organizations are facing in their efforts to secure their own IoT environments.

Tanner Johnson

Senior Analyst, Connectivity & IoT

Tanner Johnson is a cybersecurity analyst focused on IoT and transformative technologies at Omdia. His coverage is focused on examining the various threats that occupy the IoT technology domain, as well as opportunities and strategies that are emerging as data connectivity continues to expand.

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