Digital Innovation in Manufacturing Report - 2019

The 4th Industrial Revolution: Understanding the Impact on Manufacturing Operations

October 14, 2019  | Subscribers Only

Fabio Raffo Fabio Raffo Principal Analyst, Industrial Technology
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We are experiencing an exciting and historical time where advanced technologies allow a continuous revision of the way manufacturers generate value; this new digital era is called the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

Industrial solution vendors see new technologies associated with the 4IR as means to overcome their historical limitations.

Policymakers perceive the 4IR as ways to generate value for the communities, so they started to develop ad-hoc financial support plans. Even with such an outstanding focus and contribution, several companies willing to disrupt their manufacturing operations are still stuck in a Proof-of-Concept phase, or they run a project delivering results far away from the concept of revolution.

This research aims to find answers to how manufacturers should leverage the potentials of the industrial revolution to review the sustainability and effectiveness of their manufacturing operations. Key recommendations are supported by a survey shared with worldwide manufacturing leaders.

Fabio Raffo

Principal Analyst, Industrial Technology

Fabio Raffo leads industrial software research at IHS Markit.

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