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October 09, 2019  | Subscribers Only

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For customer’s preferring an Excel format, the pivot-table-based Excel workbook contains the consumer survey results represented in the service’s visualization tool.  Countries represented include Japan, Brazil, Germany, US, UK and India, plus special edition countries.

Maria Rua Aguete

Technology Fellow and Executive Director, Media, Service Providers, and Platforms

Maria Rua Aguete is an executive director at Omdia, focusing on Media, Service Providers, and Platforms.

James Allison

Principal Analyst, Consumer Devices

James Allison is a principal research analyst at Omdia, researching the TV sets, smartphone, and connected devices markets.

Fateha Begum

Associate Director, Connected Devices & Media Consumption

Fateha Begum is an associate director of the Service Providers & Platforms team at IHS Markit, and heads research in the area of connected devices and media consumption trends.

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