Apple TV and the role of video for consumer platform companies

April 08, 2019  | Subscribers Only

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Ted Hall delivered a presentation at TV Pathfinders, part of Connected TV World Summit, which took place in London on March 26-28.

The presentation, entitled ‘Apple TV and the role of video for consumer platform companies’, provided immediate analysis of Apple's newly updated TV strategy, covering topics including:

  • Apple's focus on boosting revenue from services as its device business matures, and how this diversifcation mirrors similar strategies among other platform companies, such as Google and Amazon
  • The role video plays in these and other platform companies' broader businesses, which are geared towards reaching, engaging and monetising users across a broad range of consumer products and services
  • The business case for Apple's two-pronged aggregation and direct-to-consumer TV play, and its prospects for success in the virtual pay TV and online subscription video markets

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