IoT Cybersecurity for Healthcare Market Brief - 2019

March 27, 2019  | Subscribers Only

Tanner Johnson Tanner Johnson Senior Analyst, Connectivity & IoT
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This market brief is designed to provide comprehensive analysis and insight into the cybersecurity challenges and opportunities present in the global medical IoT market. Such an investigation will provide an understanding of the current scope of the market itself, as well as key technological and strategic challenges that occur in this domain. This will require a deep dive into multiple arenas in the medical IoT market, ranging from an examination of the technologies currently in use within the field, to the various cybersecurity threats these devices face. These threats introduce enormous concerns regarding the disclosure of personally identifiable information, to the very health and well-being of the patients dependent upon them. Furthermore, cybersecurity threats introduce an entirely new challenge to medical facilities themselves, and questions about financial liability and culpability in the age of IoT.

Tanner Johnson

Senior Analyst, Connectivity & IoT

Tanner Johnson is a cybersecurity analyst focused on IoT and transformative technologies at IHS Markit. His coverage is focused on examining the various threats that occupy the IoT technology domain, as well as opportunities and strategies that are emerging as data connectivity continues to expand.

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