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September 20, 2019  | Subscribers Only

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Subscription, revenue and ARPU data for pay TV, free TV, and online subscription video operators worldwide. Subscriber data is presented by operator, and is split by service (TV, online video, internet, telephony), transmission (analogue, digital, online), platform (cable, satellite, IPTV, terrestrial, online video, third-party premium) and type (pay TV, free TV, virtual pay TV operator, online channel, multiscreen). By operator subscription revenues and monthly average revenue per user (ARPU) are available on an annual basis by service and by tier, and are expressed in local currency, euros and US dollars.

Maria Rua Aguete

Technology Fellow and Executive Director, Media, Service Providers, and Platforms

Maria Rua Aguete is an executive director at Omdia, focusing on Media, Service Providers, and Platforms.

Daniel Stevenson Sutton

Senior Research Analyst, Service Providers & Platforms

Mr. Daniel Sutton, senior research analyst at IHS Markit, covers the television industry and Sub-Saharan African television markets.

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