Microprocessor (MPU) Market Report - 2019

January 06, 2020  | Subscribers Only

Kelson Astley Kelson Astley Research Analyst II, Embedded Processors
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Microprocessors (MPU) represent the most mature semiconductor market and power everything from large-scale servers to embedded, industrial electronics. 
This database and report describe the MPU markets divided by application, lithography, core architecture, as well as many other categories to give you a deeper understanding of the market. As Moore’s Law approaches physical limitations, this report will be key to explore how these processors are becoming more application-specific.
The Microprocessor Report delivers yearly guidance on this extremely valuable and competitive market. You get detailed historical, current and five-year forecast MPU revenue data by vertical market. You also receive a thorough view of the competitive landscape with supplier market shares by market as well as top-ranked MPU revenue by core architecture. In addition, the data includes MPU application/design trends such as process node and integrated graphics as well as discussions of market trends, competitive advantages and barriers to entry.
Key issues addressed:
What are the top MPU markets by market size? By growth opportunity?
Who are the application market leaders?

Kelson Astley

Research Analyst II, Embedded Processors

Kelson Astley is an analyst for embedded processor markets at Omdia.

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