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July 29, 2020  | Subscribers Only

Tom Hackenberg Tom Hackenberg Principal Analyst, Embedded Processors
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These processors have commonly been summarized as embedded logic circuits, but these processors are now the crucial component to everyday technologies such as personal compute devices and mobile connectivity. They enable transformative and distributed intelligence in a wide range of embedded designs such as 5G, embedded vision, natural voice interfaces and more.

This report will enable clients to focus on interest by providing a pivot of SoCs that integrate an applications or real-time processor core with subsystems for DSP, Image and Vision, Graphics, Neural Networking, Configurable logic, Packet Forwarding, Security Accelerators, and Controller subsystems.

Key issues addressed:

  • What is heterogeneous processing and why is it becoming a solution beyond the end of Moore’s Law?
  • What is the market for SoCs based on inclusion of specific subsystem cores?
  • What are the core processing features demanded for major applications and how does it affect processor selection? What other influences are there?
  • What is the competitive landscape for SoCs in IoT, edge computing, cloud services, artificial intelligence, and other domains of technical specialty?
  • How do SoCs compare to platforms and modules?

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Tom Hackenberg

Principal Analyst, Embedded Processors

Tom Hackenberg is the principal analyst for embedded processor markets at IHS Markit. His broad scope of processor coverage includes microcontrollers (MCU), microprocessors (MPU), signal processors (DSP) and logic component markets.

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