Fintech Global Trends Report - 2019

Challenger banks and new technologies to shift the competition landscape

March 05, 2019  | Subscribers Only

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Whilst service providers in emerging markets are focusing on how to provide basic banking services for 1.7 billion adults that remain unbanked; more and more fintech players in developed markets start questioning existing banking services and exploring how to improve banking experience for 2.55 billion banked adults.


  • Main trends for fintech in 2019 

In this report: 

  • Fintech trends summary in 2018
  • Opportunities in both developed and emerging markets
  • Mobile has become a popular channel for digital banking
  • Car hailing platforms and challenger banks intensify payments war
  • Apple, Samsung and Google Pay global expansion by the end of 2018
  • New entrances shift the competition landscape
  • Fintech funding trends
  • Fintech revenue trends
  • Fintech trends in 2019
  • Challenger banks to disrupt traditional banking services
  • AI driven value-added banking services
  • Voice, the next channel for consumer financial services

List of tables and charts:

  • Global bank account penetration % 2017
  • Global mobile subscriber 2015-2022 (M)
  • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay available markets by 2018
  • Total addressable devices for Apple, Samsung and Google Pay (m)
  • Fintech funding 2011 – 2018($M)
  • Fintech funding by type 2018 (%)
  • Fintech funding by region 2011- 2018 ($M)
  • Fintech revenue 2013-2018 ($M)
  • Neo banking income per customers per year (€)
  • Costs per customers per year (€)
  • World: selected voice assistant (system/ OS level) capable devices (bn)
  • How sophisticated do banks think their AI?

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Number of Tables and Charts: 12

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