Disney, Apple, Netflix: Scenarios For The Future Of Online Video

February 20, 2019  | Subscribers Only

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The US online video market is set to get even more competitive with major launches from Disney, Apple, Warner Media, and NBCU. This report looks at different scenarios for each service to gauge its potential impact on the market.


Subscriber and revenue forecasts for the upcoming services from Disney, Apple, Warner Media, and NBCU.

Assessment of different go to market strategies and their implications for uptake and revene for each service

Impact on the total market - assessment of what these services are likley to do to the total market.

List of tables and charts:

  • Disney+ direct-to-consumer subscriber forecasts (US)
  • Disney+ direct-to-consumer annual subscription  revenue (US)
  • Apple Video direct-to-consumer subscriber forecasts (US)
  • Apple Video direct-to-consumer annual subscription  revenue (US)
  • Warner Media direct-to-consumer subscriber forecasts (US)
  • Warner Media direct-to-consumer annual subscription  revenue (US)
  • NBC Universal direct-to-consumer subscriber forecasts (US)
  • NBC Universal direct-to-consumer annual subscription  revenue (US)
  • US: Netflix and Amazon vs most aggressive subscriber acquisition scenario
  • US: Netflix and Amazon vs most aggressive revenue scenarios
  • US: Subscribers to direct-to-consumer SVoD channels
  • US: Incremental revenue from direct-to-consumer subscriptions
  • US: Revenue from direct-to-consumer subscription channels

Number of pages: 17

Number of tables and charts: 13

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