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Highlights from Connected Home at CES

January 10, 2019

Blake Kozak Blake Kozak Principal Analyst, Smart Home and Security Technology

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Following are top-line insights about some of the key smart home technologies and products that are leading the conversation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas:

  1. The Google Assistant Connect platform is similar to what Amazon has been offering to expedite third-party development and ease the integrations of new devices. Although smart speakers and other form factors will continue to be dominated by Amazon- and Google-branded hardware, alarm clocks, appliances, routers, smoke detectors and other devices will continue to be supported by third-party manufacturers, which means, Amazon and Google must continue to rely heavily on developers and partners.
  2. The Lenovo smart alarm clock is an interesting new product for the connected home, as demand shifts from the living room and kitchen to bedrooms and other parts of the home. Alarm clocks that enable users can view video from outdoors and control smart home devices will gain traction in 2019 and 2020. Moreover, these bedroom-focused devices should also look to integrate sleep support, either through cameras or other frequency technology that can monitor breathing for proper sleep cycles. Overall, this product has a similar size to the Amazon Echo Spot, and it will therefore likely be a direct competitor.
  3. We expect most households will start with a few displays and possibly even a few smart speaker brands. Consequently, at this stage, it is not unnecessary or unexpected that KitchenAid and other appliance makers will launch displays that seamlessly integrate into their ecosystem and use cases. For this display, the idea is to provide a guided cooking experience, where the appliances follow along with the recipe. When a particular video on Yummly is played and calls to set the oven temperature, the appliance would automatically preheat the oven and set the cooking time. Perhaps the most interesting and useful feature of the display is its water resistance, which makes it easier to clean and reduces consumer worry about dirt and germs. Another option offered by Bosch and other manufacturers is display projected onto the countertop. This type of display would still provide the same features as an actual display monitor, in order to provide users with a fully functional experience.

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