4K and UHD are much misused words that can mean a lot of different things depending on who you ask. They cover a range of new technologies that go beyond conventional HD (high definition) video and are set to transform the global TV and transmitted video industry.

With 4K TV and UHD rapidly expanding this ebook examines the facts and figures behind the rise of 4K and UHD and provides key data and insights into: 4K TV Shipment Forecasts by Region, 4K TV household Forecasts and 8K TV. 


  • The 50”+ market in Japan is expected to comprise only 21% of shipments in 2020, compared to 32% in Western Europe, 48% in North America and 47% in China
  • The number of households with a 4K TV to grow from 28 million in 2015 to 335 million in 2020. However, not all of these households will have a 4K TV content service
  • For most regions, the forecast dynamic will be “supply push” and not “content pull”. Thus 8K video content will be scarce

 In this report:

This eBook has been updated for 2018, providing new data and insights on the UHD global status, shipment forecasts, and media consumption. This ebook covers the entire UHD and 4K value chain, explaining the key differences between the two and analyses:

  • Human vision and viewing distance
  • Perception
  • UHD technologies
  • UHD forecasts
  • UHD Media consumption worldwide
  • UHD global status

List of tables and charts:

  • Chart: Limiting viewing distances for human vision
  • Chart: Color space: the Kelly chart
  • Chart: Japan UHD dashboard
  • Chart: China UHD dashboard
  • Chart: Asia-Pacific UHD dashboard
  • Chart: North America UHD dashboard
  • Chart: East Europe UHD dashboard
  • Chart: West Europe UHD dashboard
  • Chart: Latin America UHD dashboard
  • Chart: Middle East & Africa UHD dashboard
  • Chart and table: UHD TV shipment forecast by region
  • Chart and table: UHD TV penetration by region
  • Chart and table: 8K TV shipment forecast
  • Chart: 8K TV shipment forecast share comparison
  • Chart: HDR TV shipment forecast by display technology
  • Chart: Number of UHD titles by delivery method
  • Chart: Number of UHD titles by provider
  • Chart: UHD on-demand titles by subscription service in the UK (2017-2018)
  • Chart: UHD titles as percentage of total on demand TV titles in subscription Services (UK, July 2018)
  • Chart: Split of TV and film UHD titles in SVOD services (UK, July 2018)
  • Chart: Split of hours of UHD content by type in SVOD services (UK, July 2018)
  • Chart: Split of hours of UHD content by genre in on-demand subscription services (UK, July 2018)
  • Chart: Split of UHD titles by genre in on-demand subscription services (UK, July 2018)
  • Chart: Unique linear UHD channels 

Number of Pages: 40

Number of Tables and Charts: 24 

Paul Gray

Research and Analysis Director, TV, Consumer Electronics and Devices

Mr. Paul Gray is a Research and Analysis Director within the IHS Technology group. Mr. Gray joined IHS in November 2014, when IHS acquired DisplaySearch, a leader in primary research and forecasting on the global display market.

Pablo Carrera

Principal Research Analyst, Cinema

Pablo Carrera is a principal research analyst for Cinema Intelligence at Omdia.

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